Get ready to push the boundaries of exploration at this year’s Wilderness Camp! From hikes, to building shelters, to learning survival skills, this camp will help you survive the wildest sides of life for years to come!

OLYMPIC CAMP (June 28-July 2):

*Cue the Olympic Theme Song* The 2021 Camp-lympic Games return and they need YOU! We’re gathering the best young athletes and minds we can find for all kinds of competitions from sports to puzzles to competitions of the mind! We can’t wait to see which of you will be hoisting Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals on July 2nd!


Ahoy mateys! There’s treasure to be had at yonder Camp Kids Place Island! For years we’ve sought after it, but now it’s up to you, our finest crew yet, ta’ find it once and for all! This quest is not fer the faint of hearties...so buckle up yer boots and get ready for the treasure hunt of a lifetime!

STUDIO CAMP (July 12-16):

We’re rolling out the red carpet for stars near and far this year at Camp Kid’s Place’s world renowned Studio Camp! Each team will get a chance to write and star in their own unique film to be shown at our prestigious Kids Place Film Festival! We’ll be giving out all kinds of awards at the end of this week at our A-Camp-emy Award ceremony. Who will walk away with best picture?

SPY CAMP (July 19-23):

The Camp Kids Place Spy Academy needs YOU and your very special set of skills for the training program of a lifetime. Be warned, we only train the best, brightest, and boldest spies around - so if that’s you, bring your A Game as you prepare for the mission of a lifetime!

SUPER CAMP (July 26-30):

Ever wanted to meet, hang out with, or even be a super hero? Then this year’s Super Camp is the place for you! We have assembled the craziest team of supers EVER, and we need your help to find the newest member of the team. Think you’re up to the task?

RODEO CAMP (August 2-6):

Yee Haw! Saddle up and buck up because it’s time for the 2021 Camp Kids Place Rodeo! We’ve brought the whole wild west to town with us and you can bet your spurs we’re gonna clean up this one-horse town. Let’s just hope those bandits don’t come back to town, or we’re gonna need your help to take em’ down!

SPOTLIGHT CAMP (August 9-13):

The lights are going up in this packed final week of Camp Kids Place 2021! We’re hosting our 11th annual Kids Place Got Talent, where you’ll get a chance to showcase your finest skills in front of the whole camp - and did I mention there’s a limo ride on the line?! Throw in the fact that all week long you’ll get to compete as a contestant in some of the coolest game shows known to man and you’ve got a week that you won’t soon forget!