WEEK 1 – June 20th-24th: EXPLORATION CAMP

Camp Kids Place 2022 kicks off with a week of discovery and adventure. Join us for a week of exploration, honing your survival skills, and uncovering new wonders in this week long expedition. You won’t want to miss this wilderness- themed week that is only the beginning of an epic summer!

WEEK 2 – June 27th-July 1st: SPY CAMP

Spy Camp returns for a second ever year at Camp Kids Place! Unlock your detective skills as you hunt for clues, decode secret messages, and – more than likely – save the day as you train to be a world-class spy! You won’t want to miss out on this week’s Top-Secret mission – let’s just say we are confident you’ll want to be there for this confidential camp!

WEEK 3* – July 5th-8th: JEDI CAMP

Cue the John Williams music! Cue the scrolling title page! It’s return of the Jedi…Camp! Not that long long ago, in a galaxy pretty nearby, in a Camp beloved by many, the Force is re-awakened as camp battles familiar foes from far away galaxies! We need our jedi force back at full-strength if we want a chance to defeat the dark side in this action-packed week!

WEEK 4 – July 11th-15th: INVENTION CAMP

Calling geniuses of all facets of life! This brand-new Camp Kids Place Camp will be filled with all sorts of wonders that YOU create! Your imagination is the only limit in this incredible week, and what you create could change the course of the entire summer…

WEEK 5 – July 18th-22nd: TIME TRAVEL CAMP

Thanks to our world famous inventors…(see week 4), Camp Kids Place has unlocked what was previously thought by many scientists and experts to be impossible. The art of Time-Travel. Yes, it’s a little finicky (just bang on the control panel if the time machine has trouble getting started), and yes, we still can’t control what time period we travel to…but this is can’t miss material! We will be experiencing history together, literally and in the sense that we INVENTED TIME TRAVEL! Historic stuff!

WEEK 6 – July 25th-29th: STUDIO CAMP

Camp Kids Place rolls out the Red Carpet once more for our unrivaled film festival. Last year’s teams look to build upon their stunning success at the A-Camp-emy Awards by creating more Movie and Cinema masterpieces! Will Blue Team win best picture for a second year in a row? Who will win best Actress and Actor? What about dance numbers? Sound Tracks? They will all be there as YOU become the star in this famous and legendary week of Camp!


Ahoy Mateys! It seems ye wanted more after last year’s swash-buckling, plank-walking, treasure hunting week of whimsy and we delivered! It’s time to get yer sea legs back for yet another week sailing under yer team’s flag and captain! Now let’s sail the seven seas again with one more raucous “ARGH!!”

WEEK 8 – August 8th-12th: SPOTLIGHT CAMP

The lights are going up in this packed final week of Camp Kids Place 2021! We’re hosting our 11th annual Kids Place Got Talent, where you’ll get a chance to showcase your finest skills in front of the whole camp - and did I mention there’s a limo ride on the line?! Throw in the fact that all week long you’ll get to compete as a contestant in some of the coolest game shows known to man and you’ve got a week that you won’t soon forget!