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Joining the camp staff is a great way to spend your summer. In addition to working hard every day with your friends - doing things that are lots of fun - you’ll become an important part of a child’s life and your contribution will be part of the success of the camp.

Volunteering at Camp Kids Place

Volunteers as young as those just having finished seventh grade can help as assistants on the Activity Staff, doing various things at camp that need to be done well to make everything a success. They also help with activities and games. In addition, some volunteers are high school or college students or other adults who just want to help without being paid. Although we can only accept a limited number of volunteers and we have many more applications from potential volunteers than we have room for, we may have a place for you and you may be just the person we're looking for.

Working on our Paid Staff

Others on our staff are paid for their work as they spend their summer in a great ministry job. The pay is comparable to what you would make at other temporary summer jobs. Working at camp, however, is much more than just a summer job. It's a chance to impact kids while serving with friends. Camp Kids Place is a Christian camp. We are looking for staff members who have trusted Jesus Christ as Savior and are committed to living a life as a follower of Him. Do not apply unless you are active in your local church or in a Christian group (such as InterVarsity or Cru) on your college campus. Nobody, of course, is perfect. But we want staff who are committed to loving God and loving people.

There are several paid positions at Camp Kids Place... We have six teams, (3 girls and 3 boys teams) each requiring a Head Counselor and Regular Counselors, Activity Leaders for the Gym, Craft Shop, and Spark Lab, and administrative workers.

Head Counselors work with the director part time between February and June to shape and plan each week and day of camp. Once the summer begins, head counselors begin to receive full-time pay. This position is only available to people who are able to commit to a minimum of 1 monthly leadership team meeting (with the director, the other head counselors, and the 3 Activity Leaders) starting in March AND are able to work a minimum of SIX weeks at Camp.
Head Counselor Application

Activity Leaders , like a Head Counselor, are responsible for the development and curriculum for either the Gym, the Craft Shop, or the Spark Lab. These areas are visited by each team daily and the Activity Leaders work alongside the director and head counselors throughout the spring and summer to develop a weekly and daily program for Camp.
Activity Director Application

Facilities Managers make sure that our operations run smoothly throughout the day – from setting up for events, supporting teams with supplies, and working with industry standard cleaning and sanitation equipment to ensure that Campers are safe and that our building manager keeps us around. As a management position, this position pays well and has different hours than a counselor does. The hours for this position run from 10AM to 5PM each day of Camp.
Facilities Manager Application

Snack Shop Director manages and stocks our snack shop! This position interfaces with all of the teams and handles all camper purchases of snacks and monitors snack shop balances. They come up with creative ways to display our snacks and make the snack shop a fun and cool environment for all ages! They are also responsible for decorating the snack shop to be thematic and inviting each week of Camp! This is one of the most popular positions amongst Campers summer after summer!
Please email our Assistant Director with Mitchell Copied at if you are interested in applying for this position! The snack shop director is a part time role, but is paid at a management level hourly rate!

Each of the above positions is similarly valuable to an internship with part-time, paid employment for a portion of the year, curriculum planning, and guided autonomy in shaping your teams and activities.

Counselors are directly responsible to their team's head counselor. A Camp Kids Place counselor develops relationships with their campers, helps shape a team's spirit, vision, and goals, creates and executes unique activities, and sometimes are involved in pre-summer filming for thematic skits and weekly storylines for each of the 8 weeks of camp. Being a Camp Kids Place counselor is one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever have and will give you experiences that you can carry into any future work environment. Many of our workers have gone on to be highly successful in several areas and come back to work at camp year after year. Camp Kids Place prides itself on having the best staff in town and it is our commitment and passion that sets us apart from any other summer camp.

Camp meets every weekday, June 20th - August 12th – except for July 4th. We prefer workers who can be with us all summer. But if you’re not available the entire time, the more weeks you can join us the more likely we will find a place for you on our staff and the better job you can do for your campers and for the camp.You must be able to work at least 4 weeks in order to be a counselor with us.

In addition, we hold mandatory Training/Orientation prior ot the start of Camp in June. Over the course of this training you will be taught all that you need to know as a Camp Kids Place Staff Member. You MUST set aside this time prior to Camp (you will be notified of the dates when you apply).

During camp workers meet promptly at 8:15am for the daily staff meeting and stay until 4:30pm. In addition, paid staff members work at one Early or Late Show each week, either arriving at 7:10am or staying until 5:50pm. You will be paid on an hourly scale, including being paid during lunch.

To be considered for our staff (whether as a volunteer or a paid worker), you’ll need to complete the online application below. If you are under 18, your parents are required to read over what you have written and digitally sign your application.

The application asks for lots of information, so you’ll want to look it over and make sure you have everything you’ll need to complete your application, as everything must be filled in at one sitting.

This is a great opportunity to be a part of something really amazing. We promise to treat you with respect, provide what you need to succeed, and give you lots of opportunities to do things that really matter in the lives of kids.

So think and pray about it and give us a call if you want to know more before you proceed. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Mitchell Downing, Director
Camp Kids Place
(703) 243-1506


VOLUNTEER APPLICATION (For those in rising 8th grade through those who will be younger than age 16 by July 18th, 2022)