Why is pre-registration so early?
Camp Kids Place has become quite popular and fills up very quickly. We regret that we cannot accommodate all campers who want to come. We schedule pre-registration for December and registration for January so parents can make other arrangements if we cannot take care of all your camping needs.

What do I do when I pre-register?
You will complete one online registration form for each camper. You will also tell us which weeks of camp you would like for each child. You will have between December 1-31 to take care of this. It's not "first come first serve," so you'll have time to consider and discuss your plans. But don't put it off so long that you forget!

What happens next?
After December 31st, (usually within 2 weeks) you will receive an email explaining which weeks you requested that we can make available to you. You will then have ten days to go back online and pay for those camps by credit card or bank card. Once that's done by your deadline your registration is secure.

How do I pay?
You will complete an online form and enter payment information. You will pay for the camps in early January. We'll send you the online link to the payment center when it's time.

How much does one week at camp cost?
Camp Kids Place will have 8 full weeks for 2020...

 Each week costs $330:

This amount pays for your camper to be with us during the regular 9am-4pm camp day. Your camper may arrive beginning at 8:45am and stay as late as 4:15pm without additional charge.

Can my camper come earlier or stay later?
Yes! Your child may arrive as early as 7:15am or stay as late as 5:45pm as a participant in the Early Show or Late Show. Parents pay for this by purchasing Early/Late Show tickets that can be used for any camper. You do not need to make reservations for the early and late programs in advance. The cost is $5 per ticket, and these can be used for any camper, on any day, for either program. Click here to learn about the Early and Late Shows. In May we will notify you that you can pay online to pre-purchase tickets that will be mailed to you before camp begins. After that, tickets can be purchased at the check-in table at camp.

Do you have a cancellation policy? Suppose I purchase a week of camp and later find I cannot use it. Can I get a refund?
We do everything we can to keep our camp fees as low as possible. For that reason, camp fees (except for deposits to the Filling Station snack shop account) are not refundable.

If your plans change after you pay:

  • You must request to cancel your week by emailing our Registrar at aarontodd@campkidsplace.com. Once we receive your request, we will check our waitlist for your child's week and age group to see if there is anyone to fill your spot.  If there is someone waiting and able to pay for your child's spot that week, we will refund you $305 to cover the $25 transfer fee, and we will open that week to the next person on the waitlist.  If there is no-one waiting for that week, you will need to sell your week yourself.  Many of our families sell weeks on nextdoor.com, or reach out to their friends.  Once you have someone to fill your spot, you should email our registrar (aarontodd@campkidsplace.com) letting us know you have someone to fill your week.  Please include that family in the email and be sure to list your camper's name, age, and gender and the name, age, and gender of the new camper as well. YOU MAY NOT SELL YOUR WEEK TO A CAMPER OF A DIFFERENT AGE GROUP AND GENDER.
  • IMPORTANT! Because of the preparation time required to get ready for each week of camp, any transfer of a reservation from one camper to another must be completed by 5pm of the Wednesday before that camp begins. This includes registration of the new camper and payment of the transfer fee.


  • If you missed pre-registration, there is still a chance you could grab a week or two for your child.  On January 17th, 2020, our WAITLIST FORM will be available on the homepage of this website.  You should fill this out and await an email from our registrar should space become available to you.  Once you receive this email and confirm that you would still like to register your child for that week, we will send you the appropriate forms for you to register and pay for that spot.

One more time: how do I secure one or more camps for my child?
Whether your camper will be with us for a week or two or for the entire summer, there are four things you must do to hold your camper's reservation:

  1. During December 1-31st complete the pre-registration form for each camper. This process is not first-come, first-serve.
  2. Once we notify you during the first week in January that the space you requested is available, go online to pay your registration fees within 10 days from when we notify you.
  3. You will receive an email notification that we have received your payment. This will let you know that your child has an assured spot for the week(s) of camp we have reserved for you. This email also acts as your receipt. We will later provide any other receipt you may need. You may be eligible for reimbursement for camp expenses by your employer, or for Child and Dependent Care Credit on your Federal Tax return. Therefore, please be sure to save your receipt.
  4. IMPORTANT! If you have not done so in previous summers, provide us a photocopy of your child's birth certificate or passport (as the Commonwealth of Virginia requires that we verify your child's identity) and a photocopy of your child's health record that includes your child's immunization record. You can give us a copy of the most recent form you turned in to your child's school, or download a form here for your child's health provider to complete. These two documents must be in our possession before your child attends camp. If you have previously submitted these documents, we have them on file and will automatically transfer them to this year's record. We must have these documents before we can legally admit your child to camp.

Remember that your child does not have a reserved spot at Camp Kids Place until steps 1 and 2 are completed, and may not attend camp until you have completed step 4.