Here are some of the things you'll need to know to make your camp experience a great one! Everything is important, so be sure to read it all!

When you arrive...when you leave

Day Camp begins each morning at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m. Your child may arrive anytime after 8:45 a.m. and must be picked up before 4:15 p.m. We encourage your camper to arrive between 8:45 and 8:50am to get to the daily team meeting before the morning rally.

Please enter camp at door 11 under the covered entrance at the back of the building. Never leave your car unattended under the covered entrance, but park in a marked parking spot.

When you arrive, sign in your child at their team’s check-in station which will be marked by a flag of their team’s color (be sure to keep in mind what team your child is on when you arrive). Your child will be given a name badge and a backpack when they arrive and will be escorted by a counselor to their team room when they arrive!

After the first day of camp, a camper on the blue, orange, red, or yellow team may sign in without parental assistance. You can drop off your child to go in to sign in independently. Parents (or another adult authorized by the parent) must, however, sign out their campers each afternoon.

Arriving early...staying late

The Early Show begins each morning at 7:15am for campers who must arrive early. Parents get a 15-minute grace period to pick up their campers between 4:00 and 4:15pm. The Late Show lasts from 4:15 until 5:45pm for those who must stay late. The clock at the camp Welcome Center determines if a child is early at camp or has stayed late.

Tickets for the early/late programs are available in advance or can be purchased right at our front desk for $5 per day. Each ticket can be used for either the Early Show or the Late Show, but not both. Tickets may be used for any camper on any day for morning or afternoon. Campers planning on participating in either program should arrive at camp with a ticket, filled out with the date, the camper’s name and whether the ticket is for the Early or Late Show.

Please do not drop off your child early with instructions to come in at starting time, or ask your child to wait outside for you.

Early and Late Show tickets are transferrable from year to year, so if you have some blank tickets left-over from a previous summer, you are welcome to use those!

Our staff works hard and we cannot ask them to stay later because parents are late picking up their children. Campers picked up after 5:45pm will be charged an additional fee of $5. Children picked up after 6:00pm also will be charged an additional fee of one dollar a minute beginning at 6:01pm.

If you will be unexpectedly late, call the check-in table. We understand unexpected things come up. We’re here to help.

Camp Teams

Unless we’ve informed you otherwise, your camper is assigned to a team by gender and the grade in school next fall. Each team is identified by a different color.

The Filling Station Snack Shop

The Filling Station Snack Shop offers beverages, fruit, yogurt, ice cream, candy, and various healthy snacks. The snack shop also sells the traditional candy and other things you may want to limit. When you register your child you have the option to put limitations on what your child can or cannot buy or how much your camper can spend. If you want to amend your instructions after registration, send us an email! Items may be purchased at the daily snack time or at lunch, and from time to time outside at the water slide.

Campers bring their own lunch, but we always try to keep microwavable lunch items on hand for campers who forget.

Parents are encouraged to deposit funds in their campers' Filling Station account so kids can buy items without carrying cash. Each day we publish online each camper’s account balance so you can make additional deposits when they are needed. You’ll find this information, along with pictures of the day and news about future days, on a private page for parents. You will receive the link before your child's first day at camp. The page contains photos and sometimes movies from camp and sometimes offers announcements about future activities. Be sure to check it each evening.

To honor parents’ wishes, we will not sell snacks or beverages to any camper who does not have an adequate balance in the account. This prevents campers from buying without parental permission. You may also let us know what food or drink items are off-limits for your child in advance.

Please explain to your camper that you have deposited funds in the account and what the funds are (and are not) to be used for. To make purchases, campers take their selections to the counter where their account will be charged.

What to bring to camp

Campers should bring a lunch, swimsuit, sunscreen and towel, and nothing else (unless you have received notice online of a special activity for which campers may bring something else from home). Campers are busy all day and shouldn’t bring anything else without permission. This includes iPods, and handheld video games or toys. Campers may not have cell phones with them at camp. If they bring one, they will leave it at the check-in table and pick it up when they leave camp. We are not responsible for things your camper loses.

When you arrive at camp

Come in and sign in your camper at their team’s check-in station marked by their flag.

If your camper’s name is not on the sheet, see the Registrar at the table.

The lanyard colors match the color of your team. Finally, drop off your things at your team room (follow the signs). If you arrive before 8:45am, your child will be taken to the third floor for the early show. If you happen to arrive at 9:15am or later, no worries! We will make sure a staff member gets your child to where their team is!


All payments (except those made online) can be made at the front desk. We accept all forms of payment at the front desk – including credit and debit cards! You are also welcome to pay in cash or check.

When you need a receipt for your camp fees, log onto your account by clicking here. For some forms you may fill out if you have a reimbursement benefit at work, or to claim the Child and Dependent Care Credit on your federal tax return, you may ask for our federal tax ID number.

Typical Schedule

Each day at camp is different but there’s a general schedule we usually follow. Sometimes we have to make last-minute changes due to the weather or other things that may come up. Here is a typical day at camp:

7:15am Early Show begins
8:45am Campers not in Early Show begin check-in
9:00am Team Meetings
9:15am Morning Rally
10:00am Seven “Acts” begin (activity periods) during which campers rotate through various activities
3:15pm Clean-up and campers gather their things
3:30pm Closing Rally
4:00pm Camp ends
4:15pm Late Show begins
5:45pm Late Show ends and facility closes

Each day every team has a “Snack Time” during which campers may buy snacks or eat snacks brought from home as well as have free time with their teams to participate in various activities. There is also one “Act” devoted to lunch. There's usually a kid-friendly Bible study, either during the Morning Rally or in a separate Act. Campers usually visit the Craft Shop each day, go to the gym for competition or special events, and head outside for the waterslide or one of other numerous activities. Campers go to the "Spark Lab" most days to enjoy the high-tech and brainy activities they'll find there. Plus, each camp has specific activities planned just for that week of camp.

Taking trips

From time to time campers may leave the camp facility to go to a nearby pool, park, or other activity center. Campers always travel by chartered school bus or in a Cherrydale Baptist Church vehicle, all driven by fully licensed drivers. When away from camp your camper is as well-protected and carefully cared for as if he or she were at the camp facility. Any first aid medication and special instructions always travel along with the counselor when the team leaves the camp facility. If you sent an EpiPen, it goes along to the pool or to a nearby park facility if your child goes.

Activities at Camp

Camp is fun! We’ll get wet most days on our waterslide so your child will always want to have a swimsuit and towel at camp. Because of weather issues, we probably won’t know when we’ll do water activities until the day begins, so always be ready.

On announced days when we go down the street to the Washington-Lee aquatic center, campers will change into swimsuits at camp so we can swim at a moment’s notice. There are two pools—a shallow one that’s perfectly safe for even the youngest campers, and a deeper pool that requires a swim test before campers are allowed to swim there. Only campers on the Blue, Orange, Red, and Yellow teams may take the test to swim in the deeper pool. Campers are cared for by licensed lifeguards and their regular counselors.

Please send sunscreen with your campers. Dermatologists suggest choosing only products that are labeled “broad spectrum” and have an SPF rating of 30 to 50. Teach your kids to use a lot over all visible skin and have friends apply it to their backs.

If your child is young be sure he or she can put on and take off swimsuits without help, dry off, and change into other clothing.

Our camp is fully equipped with the latest (appropriate) video games, iPads for the kids, carpet ball, sports equipment and lots of other fun things to do.

Parents say we do a great job at giving their kids a safe, fun, and profitable week at camp. Even so, sometimes we miss something we need to hear about. So always feel free to tell us about situations, problems, or issues of any kind that affect your child's experience at camp. We'll do our best to take care of your concerns and needs. We're here to serve you and your child and we always want to know how we can do an even better job.

Contacting us

If you need to pick up your child before 4:00 p.m., please let us know in advance so we can have your child ready when you arrive. You can call the check-in table anytime during the day at the number we will provide. If your call goes to an answering device, leave a message and someone will call you right back.

If you need to reach us during the day you may always call our front desk at (703) 243-1506!

You can also email us!

Other important things

Attendance at Camp Kids Place and participation in the program is open to all children regardless of race, religion or ethnic background. Camp Kids Place is a Christian camp that teaches biblical principles to our campers.

Participation in the camp is a privilege, not a right. In order to participate in camp, children must be able to successfully function in a large group community setting . While all children make mistakes in growing up, for the safety of our campers we cannot accommodate children who do not properly relate to authority or will not submit themselves to camp rules and policies.

Campers are responsible to keep up with their name badges. Lost name badges will be replaced for a dollar. Broken badges will be replaced without charge. Name badges are property of the camp and may not be taken home.

Missing something? You’ll find our collection of smelly towels and other lost items in the camp lost and found bin near the check-in table. All items are discarded after camp each Friday, so be sure to check each week. Campers are asked to take home all their “stuff” each afternoon when they leave camp. Every camper is provided with a nylon backpack to hold their swimsuit and towel and their lunch. We suggest you send nothing to camp that won't fit in that backpack. Please clearly print your camper's name on everything that comes to camp.

We want you to see and know about what happens at camp. Each day we will post online pictures (and sometimes video clips) from that day at camp, announcements about future days, and each camper’s Filling Station deposit account balance. You should check this each evening. This is our way to communicate with you and tell you things you need to know. This is a private page for camper families, not publicized or linked from any other online page. You will receive the web address link by email.

We're here to serve you. Please tell us if there’s anything we can do to improve your child’s experience at camp. Also, let us know how we can make serving you easier, faster and simpler. We are honored to be a part of your family for the summer!

When you leave each afternoon

A parent or someone the parent has authorized must personally come in to sign their camper out.

Your camper will turn in the name badge when leaving in the afternoon.