Arriving Early or Staying Late at Camp

What are the hours for camp? A day at Camp Kids Place is from 9:00am until 4:00pm. Campers may arrive as early as 8:45am and stay as late as 4:15pm without additional charge. In fact, we encourage campers to arrive by 8:50am to get to their team meetings and begin their day at camp.

Suppose my child needs to arrive even earlier or stay later? We’ve got you covered! Campers who arrive between 7:15am and 8:45am are a part of the “Early Show.” Campers who are at camp after 4:15pm and are picked up no later than 5:45pm become a part of the “Late Show.”

Do I need to tell you when my child will arrive early or stay late? No! Campers may come to the Early Show or stay for the Late Show any day for which they are registered as a camper.

How do I pay for the Early or Late Show? To participate in either the arly Show or the Late Show campers must present an Early/Late Show Ticket. These should be purchased in advance at $5 each, completed before you arrive (see example below) and turned in at the Check-in Table when you arrive at camp. So in addition to the regular weekly Camp Fee, you will need an Early/Late Show Ticket any day your camper arrives early or stays late, for two tickets if they do both. Just turn them in when your camper arrives. If you at the last minute need your child to be in the Late Show (for instance, if you're running late), just give us a ticket when you pick up your camper. If you have tickets leftover from last year, you they are still valid and you may use those. We suggest you order in advance the tickets you know you'll need, no later than three weeks before camp begins.

Oops! What happens if I’m running late and unexpectedly can’t pick up my child by 4:15pm? No worries! If a parent had not planned on the camper staying for the Late Show but is running late picking up the camper, we will automatically put the camper in the Late Show. The parent may present a ticket when arriving to pick up the camper or pay $5 for arriving after 4:15pm. (4pm-4:15pm is an automatic free grace period). We suggest you give us a call at the number printed on the ticket if you are unexpectedly late so we can notify your camper that you will arrive later. Kids worry about things like that.

How do I get Early/Late Show tickets? These tickets should be pre-purchased so you won’t have to wait in line at camp. You can also buy tickets anytime at the Check-in Table. Tickets can also be purchased online for three weeks beginning at the end of May. You will receive the tickets by return mail before camp begins. And again, you can always purchase more at the check-in table.

Suppose I show up for the Early Show or pick up from the Late Show without a ticket? No problem. You can pay us when you arrive.

Traffic was awful today! Suppose I arrive after 5:45pm? Oops! There is a penalty for picking up your child after 5:45pm. You will be charged an extra $5 if you pick up your camper after 5:45pm, whatever the reason. On top of that, you will be charged an additional dollar per minute you pick up your child after six o’clock. Why? Our staff is tired, too, and they need to get home. We pay them extra if you are late. They deserve it.

Can I get a refund for tickets we don’t use? Oops! No, but they can be transferred to other campers or saved for next year.

That’s all nice but I still have a question. What do I do? No problem. Give us a call at (703) 243-1506 and we’ll do our best to answer it for you.