Day by Day at Camp

When is it? There are eight weeks of camp in July and August for kids no younger than 5, through those going into seventh grade in the fall.

How are campers divided? Campers are divided into six teams by age groups and gender, although many activities are camp-wide where everyone participates as a group with their counselors.

Where is the camp? Camp Kids Place is a ministry of Cherrydale Baptist Church in Arlington, Va., at the corner of Lorcom Lane and Military Road. We’re just a few minutes from Georgetown, Ballston, the Pentagon, and the National Mall. We occasionally travel to nearby swimming facilities, parks, and other places where campers are well-supervised as they participate in great activities. If campers are off-campus with us you will be notified in advance and can be assured they are as safe and well-protected as if they were at the camp facility.

Who directs the camp? The camp is presented by Cherrydale Baptist Church. Director Mitchell Downing has worked at Camp Kids Place since 2010 when he got his start as a counselor, before eventually taking over as Director in 2019! Mitchell is excited to get to lead Camp Kids Place for another year! Part of why Mitchell has stuck around Camp for so many years is because of our amazing staff. You will LOVE our staff. They're carefully selected, background checked, vetted, and trained to keep your child safe, handle emergencies, and give your camper the best day you could ever imagine. They are all people of faith and integrity and, in our humble opinion, are truly the best Camp Staff in the nation.

How long is the camp day? A basic day at camp is from 9am until 4pm. You can arrive 15 minutes earlier or stay 15 minutes later at no additional cost. We suggest you check-in by 8:50am to get your camper to the Team Meeting on time.

We've got you covered! The optional Early Show is for kids who arrive between 7:15 and 8:45am, and the Late Show is for kids who leave between 4:15 and 5:45pm. Note that this is a Day Camp, not daycare. We encourage campers to be here for the entire day and for the entire week so they won’t miss anything! Tickets to attend these shows are $5 and can be purchased in advance or right at our front desk!

Who can come? Attendance at Camp Kids Place is open to all kids from all backgrounds. Please remember that Camp Kids Place is a Christian camp that teaches biblical principles to our campers. Participation in the camp is a privilege, not a right. In order to participate in camp, children must be able to successfully function in a large-group community setting. While all children make mistakes while growing up, for the safety of our campers we cannot accommodate children who cannot or will not properly relate to authority, who fail to show respect for equipment, the facility, and for other campers, or will not submit themselves to camp rules and policies.

What about lunch? Campers bring their lunch each day. Snacks (including lots of healthy ones) and beverages are available for purchase at the Filling Station. And yes, we do sell candy and other things like that, but parents can put a limit on what their child can and cannot buy. If you say "no sugared sodas or candy," we'll direct your young shopper to other selections. You’ll make refundable deposits to your camper’s Filling Station snack shop account balances so your child won’t lose money at camp. We have a listing of account balances that you can access online each afternoon. To receive a refund of unspent Filling Station refunds, you must request the refund at the check-in table on your child's last day at camp. Funds not requested by then are automatically transferred to our scholarship fund for campers who need financial aid to come to camp.

What else would you like me to know? This website represents the official policies of the camp. As camp time approaches please read each page of this website as it contains specific information that is a part of how we do camp. Late minute additions can be found here as well. These pages explain our policies and most everything you’ll need to know. As a Religiously operated day camp, Camp Kids Place is not licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, but is registered with the state and meets or exceeds all requirements and standards. In other words, we do camp right! Have more questions? Just give us a call at (703) 243-1506.