When your plans change

Sometimes a family's plans may change between the time they registered and paid for their child to attend camp and the week camp actually begins.


Any changes to your paid reservation must be made by 5pm on the Wednesday before the week of camp begins.


Below you'll find our policy when this happens and a link to an online form on which you can tell us how you would like us to handle your child's paid reservation that you no longer need. This policy is reproduced here from the Register page on our camp website.


Suppose I purchase a week of camp and later find I cannot use it.
Can I get a refund?

We do everything we can to keep our camp fees as low as possible. For that reason, camp fees (except for deposits to the Filling Station snack shop account) are not refundable. If your plans change after you pay, you have several options:


CLICK HERE to tell us you have sold one or more weeks of camp to another camper OR to ask us to try to sell one or more camps for you, OR to donate a week of camp to our scholarship fund.


CLICK HERE to register a camper who has purchased or received a week of camp but has not already registered for the summer of 2018.


CLICK HERE to pay for one or more weeks of camp you have purchased directly from us (and not from another parent.)


CLICK HERE to pay the $25 transfer fee if you have received one or more weeks of camp from a parent who had purchased the camp(s) for their child but now has made it available to you.